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Lund School of Leadership

Catalytic Coaching®

The "Catalytic Coaching" training is formally held by the newly born Lund School of Leadership but will be completely administered, guaranteed and run by Gothia Akademi staff during 2019.

The training content is copied from Gothia Akademis training ”Diplomerad Coach" but held in the old university city of Lund in the south of Sweden, and partially translated and delivered in English.

Questions and answers

What is “Lund School of Leadership”?

Lund School of Leadership was founded in summer 2018 by Henrik Cederhed and it is the registered English translation of “Ledarhögskolan i Lund” (organizational number 559170-2310). Henrik Cederhed is the Director of Training at Gothia Akademi (which he founded in 2002). The only training at Lund School of Leadership during 2019 will be “Catalytic Coaching” – a training completely administered and delivered by Gothia Akademi.


Why not just run the training in Lund “flagged” as a Gothia Akademi training?

At Gothia Akademi we are obsessed with quality and we are constantly trying to refine what we are doing. It has taken us more than 15 years to come to the point where we are at now. About 95% of that value will be easily transferred to the training in Lund since we are using the same material, trainers and structures. The last 5% will be needed to be refined in Lund. Part of training is site-specific and something that needs to be learned delivering training on that site. Translating part of the material into English will also make it necessary to fine tune it after the first deliveries. Still, we are confident that average student satisfaction will be really high (4.6-4.8 on a scale to 5) from the beginning. Lastly, Gothia Akademi will remain a small and local academy – Lund School of Leadership is a long-term, strategic, big picture step in the development of the availability of the training.


Who would you recommend going to Lund instead of Gothenburg?

1) People living in the Skåne area.

2) People living outside Skåne wanting to be part of the group of pioneers taking the first training at Lund School of Leadership.

3) People living outside Skåne not willing to wait for the next start in Gothenburg that is not already full.



Utbildningen har gett mig personlig utveckling och nya verktyg för att bli en bättre coach. Öppenheten hos deltagarna i kombination med de kraftfulla verktygen gör utbildningen till en av de bästa jag har gått.

Daniel Berntsson

Team leader, Verisure Innovation, Malmö

Genom duktiga lärare och mycket väl genomtänkta övningar får du en god bas att kunna genomföra coachingsamtal. Efter utbildningen har jag en bra verktygslåda att kunna tackla olika samtalssituationer och styra mot önskat mål.

Björn Lillieström

Rådgivare, Nordiska Ministerrådet, Köpenhamn

Utbildningen på Gothia Akademi får högsta betyg. Den har varit professionell, innehållsrik och användbar. Jag har fått fantastiska verktyg, många insikter och mycket ny kunskap.

Annika Loberg

Rekryterings- och kompetenskonsult, Vedbaek, Danmark

What are the benefits of choosing Lund instead of Gothenburg?

1) You will be one of the pioneers taking one of the first trainings at Lund School of Leadership and being able to put a Catalytic Coaching diploma from Lund School of Leadership on the wall.

2) The two days of training in English will be delivered by Tracy Sinclair, the current Global Chair – Leading the work of the global board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) – Swedens, Europes and the Worlds largest organisation for professional coaches and coach training academies. Tracy has been a trainer at Gothia Akademi since 2014 but she usually teaches at Gothia Akademis Change Management training (step 3).

3) You will get access to the Lund School of Leadership alumni network. The foundation in this network are Gothia Akademi alumni living in Skåne, and will keep growing as time pass by.

4) Future trainers and mentors at Lund School of Leadership are likely to be recruited from the group of pioneering students that took one of the first trainings at Lund School of Leadership.


Do I risk any drawbacks by choosing Lund instead of Gothenburg?

1) As mentioned earlier we expect that there will be some small imperfections connected to Lund being a new site and the translation of two days of the material into English. However, we do not expect them to be anything but minor and most of your peers will grade the training as 5 out of 5, so statistically you are most likely to grade your training at Lund School of Leadership as a 5 on a scale from 1 to 5.

2) People attending the same training in Gothenburg will have “Diplomerad Coach” on the certificate of completion while you will have “Catalytic Coaching” on yours. So if you want to be able to call yourself “Diplomerad Coach” and refer to Lund School of Leadership, then this is a potential drawback. However, if you are not planning a career as a professional coach, that does not matter. And if you already have a career as a professional coach, or decides to start one later on, you will soon enough be able to hold the internationally recognized title ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Or – with some additional training at Gothia Akademi – ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or even ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC).

3) You will not get access to the Gothia Akademis alumni network since Lund School of Leadership will have its own. As mentioned earlier alumni from Gothia Akademi living in Skåne will be part of the Lund School of Leadership alumni network.

Is there any way to get the best out of both the Lund and Gothenburg option?

Yes, during 2019 when Gothia Akademi staff is completely administering and delivering the trainings at Lund School of Leadership it is possible to use this training as a part of Gothia Akademis “premium package” as if it was an actual Gothia Akademi training. This means that you will take the first part of the “premium package” at Lund School of Leadership in Lund and the second part at Gothia Akademi in Gothenburg. If you wish you may even hand in your certificate of attendance from Lund School of Leadership and get a Gothia Akademi “Diplomerad Professionell Coach” ACTP-diploma covering both the first and the second part of your training. There are only a handful of coach trainings in Sweden with the right to hand out ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) diplomas. And if that isn’t unique enough for you you are welcome to take our Change Manager training (Diplomerad Förändringsledare) which is one of few in the world and the only training in Sweden that on its own fulfill the training requirement fort certification as ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC).

If you live in Skåne and are considering Gothia Akademis premium package and do not mind having two days of the training delivered in English – then we would highly recommend that you take the first part of the training in Lund. For everyone else it is a matter of taste.

“I am still learning.”


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